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Having successfully managed a highly rated award-winning B&B (Woodlands Guesthouse) for over seven years, we are now proudly recognised as 'SUPERHOSTS' on AirBnB and we are committed to providing equally high accommodation and service to all our Self-Catering guests.

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Woodlands, Lynton, North Devon, Exmoor, Lesley & Steve

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From a young age, Natalie has been inspired by Indigenous cultures and hunter-gatherer societies. This interest led to studying Anthropology at University where she became aware that the common link between all indigenous societies who experience superior health and longevity, was connected to their strong affinity with their natural environment. She graduated with a deep conviction that the current global health crisis is, in part, due to the loss of ancient wisdom and environmental connection, and the solution is to find it again.

Woodlands, Lynton, North Devon, Exmoor, Sust! Health, Natalie

If you have any questions about the retreats we offer or the venues we visit, or just want to drop us a message to say hi, write to us at:

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